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Sports Team Gear With Your Logo
Custom Golf Towels With Your Team Logo
Custom Team Gear From Titleist

Must-Have Custom Golf Towels

Sports Team Gear For Your Athletes

Golfers need all sorts of  custom gear to get through 18 holes. Golf bags, tees, balls, shoes, and clubs are all necessary for playing a round. But if you’re looking for something that can be used in many different ways, look no further than the custom golf towel. Golf towels have become a must-have addition to any golfer’s bag. The main reason of having a custom golf towel at your side is to be able to clean off your golf clubs at any given moment. Having a high-quality golf towel eliminates dirt and debris from impacting the trajectory of the ball from the club. Another reason to have a golf towel with you on the course is to dry off any wet golf balls. Whether the course is wet or you swung into the hazards, our golf towels will help keep your gear dry. And for those hot and humid days, they’re perfect for wiping off your game day sweat. Some players even like to keep a wet golf towel handy to stay cool on the course.  

With a variety of ways to use a golf towel, it’s important to make sure you’re getting top of the line gear from the top performing golf brands. At GameDay Gear, we give you access to your favorite sports brands and make it easy for you to add your team logo to them. We only offer the best sports team gear for your athletes. Don’t get caught on the course with a golf towel that’s not going to get the job done. Choose high-quality gear made with maximum absorption designed to withstand all elements! 

Embroidered Golf Towel With Your Logo

Embroidered Golf Towel With Your Logo

Port Authority Custom Team Gear

The Port Authority Grommeted Tri-Fold Golf Towel is an essential companion for any golf outing. These towels are a great option for any athlete. Fully hemmed, they can stand up to any tough use and washing you require of sports essentials. This Port Authority embroidered golf towel also comes with a grommet and hook, making it easy to hang on your team bag. Not only are these towels great for athletes but also for fans! Your team logo embroidered on golf towels allows your fans to show who they’re cheering for in the stands. 

Choose from our variety of colors including black, navy, white, and khaki, and start creating your custom golf towel today! Whether you’re using it on the golf course to wipe off your clubs or to wipe off your sweat for your last set of reps at the gym, we’ve got the custom team gear your athletes will use all of the time. Place an order today to have your customized golf towel ready at a moment’s notice! 

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Add Your Logo to a Personalized Golf Towel

Create A Personalized Golf Towel

Titleist Golf Custom Team Gear

The Titleist StaDry Performance Microfiber Golf Towel is a high-performance, multi-material towel that’s designed for all conditions. It features a club groove cleaner and microfiber interior so you can keep your clubs in perfect condition throughout the day. This towel also has a hook making it convenient to attach to any your golf bag. Upgrade your gear to be ready for your next golf tournament. 

Boost your team’s recognition with custom team gear that’s by your side for all 18 holes. Polished and refined gear creates an air of respectability and skill for the team that’s using them, regardless of whether they win or lose. A professional look gives teams instant credibility and speaks to their competitive spirit. Make sure your competitors know who you play for, get your personalized golf towel today at Gamey Gear. 

Sports Team Gear and Custom Golf Towels With Your Logo

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