Let’s celebrate Earth Day! GameDay Gear is proud to be a member of Patagonia’s One Percent For the Planet, a global movement of more than 1,200 companies in 48 countries who donate at least 1% of annual Patagonia sales to environmental organizations committed to sustainability initiatives worldwide. One Percent For the Planet aims to save land and bodies of water, protect forests, make agricultural and energy production more sustainable, and remove toxins from the environment.

In celebration of Earth Day, the GameDay Gear team encourages you to be more eco-friendly with the following three easy tips.

Drink Smart. Swapping out a standard plastic or foam cup for a travel drinkware piece makes a huge difference in trash consumption. According to Plastic Oceans International, more than 8 million tons of plastic are discarded into the ocean annually. Not only is travel drinkware eco-conscious, but the drinkware category itself has recently evolved into a trending accessory. With brands like YETI that offer various colors, styles, and customization options, travel drinkware has become a personalized accessory. If you’re one of many that prefer iced beverages over hot, reusable straws are also trending and contribute to the movement of cutting down plastic consumption. In addition to the many environmental benefits, many coffee shops such as Starbucks offer a discount on coffee for using travel drinkware, which will also cut down your weekly coffee budget.

Shop Smart. Look for brands that support environmental, corporate, and social responsibilities such as Patagonia, Nike, and Adidas. Using brands that are eco-conscious will make you feel good while you look good. You can check if a brand supports sustainability by doing research on the brand’s policies and use of materials.

Travel Smart. Being involved in athletic teams and leagues often requires traveling for games and practices. When planning travel for the season, look for opportunities to carpool to reduce your carbon footprint.

You can become more environmentally friendly in celebration of earth day by making small adjustments to your regular routine. To learn more about GameDay Gear’s participation with Patagonia’s One Percent For the Planet, contact us today!

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