Three Tips to Succeed as a Student Athlete

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Being a student athlete is an incredible opportunity, but with that opportunity comes a balancing act between athletics, academics, and having a social life. In the middle of a season when you’re in the thick of the semester, it can even feel as though you are being forced to choose two out of three categories. When it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day, these tips will help to keep your grades high, your game on point, and avoid missing out on your Friday night plans.

Take Advantage of Academic Resources.  Resources such as writing centers, math centers, and extra credit opportunities should not be taken for granted. Although this can feel like just one more thing to do, this can be game changing for your final grade at the end of the semester. You can’t predict the future, so take advantage of extra credit even if your grade is in a good position at any point in the semester. You never know when an away game can leave you short for time before an exam, and you could end up needing those extra points. Tutoring centers can also be a huge help in maintaining your grades. In addition to providing one on one help, tutoring centers often require registering your student ID which keeps a record of your visits. At the end of the semester your calculus professor will be much more understanding if there is a record of all of your efforts and visits to the math tutoring center. 

Time Management Tools. Time management is easier said than done. Having tools such as a planner, calendar, or even setting reminders on your phone can be extremely beneficial. Having your assignments, games, and plans laid out in a planner or calendar view can help you to remember deadlines and visualize what days of the week you have more time than others. 

Take Days Off. Remember that your days as a student don’t last forever. If there is an event happening on campus and you have the ability to make the time for it, don’t miss out on the opportunity. Even taking time off to relax and recharge is essential in making sure you are performing your best on and off the field or court. 

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